Abstract Canvas Prints No 60 : The iPhone

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Abstract Canvas Prints No 60 : The iPhone

You can spot a Gauguin canvas from 100 paces.

The rich pallete of golden ochres, variegated greens, chocolate browns, bright pinks and oranges, reds and yellows, is contrasted and controlled with a sureness of touch that cannot be taught.

His paintings, and his sculptures, are instantly attractive but Also surprisingly complex.

They are psychological dramas that expose the melancholy and trauma that torment his subjects, that torments us all.

He rebelled against Impressionism and returned to the realms of the imagination, for which generations of artists are thankful.



Nowadays the word ‘genius’ is banded around like a joint at a 1970s rock festival.

A YouTube video of a baby biting his brothers finger is ‘genius’, as he is the winner of the X factor and the iFart app.

I’m not so sure they qualify, but I’m certain Jonathan Ive does.

He is the man who brought order and beauty to the information age in his role as Head of Design at Apple Inc.

He has been responsible for the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

And that, makes the British porn designer a genius. He is taking the worlds least sexy products, computers and their hard drives and turn them into objects of sweaty-palm desire.

That’s some achievement. And how has Ive pulled off his feet of 21st-century magic? With simplicity.


Abstract Canvas Drawings by Maltez


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Much thanks to Will Gompertz’s book What Are You Looking At….some of the blog is directly taken from this fantastic book.