Abstract Canvas Prints No 75 : Cézanne Turned to Nature.

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Abstract Canvas Prints No 75 : Cézanne Turned to Nature.


He has then balanced this modern approach to colour with the traditional graduated tonality of the Grand Manner.

The deep brown of the background wall blends with the lighter brown of the wooden table, which then mixes into the reds and yellows of the fruit, and finally, the creamy whites of the jug and vase.

It is a supreme display of painterly control and chromatic sensitivity that serves to bind the desperate elements into the desired cohesive whole: a harmonious image, with colours acting as chords.

Still Life with Apples and Peaches is a painting that demonstrates how Suzanne changed art for ever.

He is abandonment of traditional perspective in favour of a commitment to overall pictorial design and the introduction of binocular vision led directly to Cubism (where almost all illusion of three dimensions was abandoned in preference for maximising visual information), Futurism, Constructivism and the decorative art of Matisse.

But Cézanne was not done yet. His investigations into how we truly see led him to another discovery, which would eventually take painting into the revolutionary and highly contentious area of abstract art.

Cézanne had, Like his fellow Post-impressionists, eventually come to an impasse with Impressionism.

Seurat had moved on because he yearned for discipline and structure.

Van Gogh and Gauguin broke away because they felt restricted by the insistence of painting an objective reality.

Cézanne, on the other hand, thought the Impressionists weren’t being sufficiently objective.

He thought they lack rigorousness in their pursuit of realism.

His concerns were not dissimilar to those held by Degas and Seurat, who felt that the paintings of Monet, Renoir, Morisot and Pissarro was slightly flimsy; that they lacked structure and a sense of solidarity, Seurat, we know, looked to science to help him resolve the issue: Cézanne turned to nature.


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