5 Things to Remember When Picking Art For Your Home

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If your walls are lonesome, then beautiful wall art, such as canvas painting, is the perfect way to pull your space together. It also adds extra character and charm that your home decor might lack. However, unless you are an interior designer, selecting wall art for your space may not come naturally to you and seem a little bit complicated at first.

To ease your stress, here are a few things to remember before your next selection:

  1. The narrative

Every house has a narrative. However, during the process of designing the perfect home interiors, many people often muddle up the narrative.

If the picture of wall art has become somewhat hazy then you have to be patient and think about it properly. It is essential that you have a story running in your mind.

The idea is to clearly define what type of wall art you need and what type you don’t. Like, you wouldn’t want an ethnic painting in a modern designed home. The most used wall art used in homes is the landscape wall art painting because it fits the narrative of any type of home decor.


  • The size

Just like an outfit too tight or too loose can make you look unflattering, an artwork which is not the right size can take away the beauty from the space and the artwork itself. Before you choose any wall art, it is better to measure the dimensions of your wall.

If you decided to put the wall art on the narrow wall, then better go with the portrait orientation. Large landscape wall arts will fit well in large spaces like the living and dining room. A large landscape wall art acts as the focal point and makes a statement.

  • Showcase your personality

The artwork you choose defines your persona and your taste. So, it is better to choose the artwork personally and something that defines what you believe and how you view the world.

Landscape paintings are one of the most expressive wall arts. These paintings are filled with emotions and colors.

  • Right color

People generally choose an art piece that matches their room without detracting from any of the design elements that are in it. An artwork complimenting the decor all the way increases the impact in the room. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose bold art pieces. However, it is best to understand how you want to incorporate color into your space.

  • Right position

After you have selected your wall art, you have to identify the right position of the artwork. When in the right position, it will add value to your room instead of appearing to be a liability tucked in a corner. It has to have visual accessibility and the right amount of light.

Before you choose any wall art, it is essential to be updated about the artist of the artwork and their style. So, gather as much knowledge as possible about the piece of art you are going to possess. This way, you can ensure that you are investing in an authentic and original landscape large wall art.