Abstract Canvas Prints : Resisting Convention and Entertaining.

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Late artists such as Picasso, Warhol and Pollock, their work continued to increase in value, with many cities and towns around the world opening up new art galleries trying to fill them with more and more interesting crowd pleasers.

However, with not a lot of high quality classic art available, the next best option was contemporary modern art, that of artists still working.

Because of this, some artists like Jeff Koons went from selling his art for a few $100,000 in the mid 90’s, by 2010 he was selling art for Millions. He had become a ‘brand name’ with instantly recognisable art and had become very wealthy in a very short time, on the back of the Fine Art explosion.

Artists were now able to become multi-millionaires with all the extras that go with it, often they’re being treated like film stars and A-list celebrities.

The glossy magazines of the late 20th Century were very happy to help build the reputation and advertise this new generation of media headed artists.

Newspaper color supplements and magazines created a new trendy audience for new modern art and artists, a new young crowd bored by the old oil paintings of yesteryear. The gallery visitors now wanted art that was similar to them : modern, desirable, fun, coloful and dynamic…loud, resisting convention and entertaining.

Abstract Canvas Drawings : Featured Artist