Abstract Canvas Prints : Kindergarten playtime or masterpiece?

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The problem which was now an issue for the new art audience, was being able to comprehend what they were looking at, and that’s understandable, because anyone, no matter how ‘art aware’ their eye is, would often feel a little baffled when seeing artwork fresh out of the artists studio.

So we should bare that in mind when we first clap eyes on new art, but the issue isn’t whether we think the art is good or bad, ultimately that isn’t really down to us, it’s where the artwork sits in the modern artwork saga.

There is an inconsistency about our adoration of modern art, whilst we visit art museums and galleries all over the world in our millions, we generally say that we really don’t know anything about art!

This willing confession is not down to low intelligence or lack of cultural understanding, actually it probably isn’t exactly true. We probably do know something about art, it’s more that we don’t know or understand Modern Art.

Why is a piece of artwork that looks as though it could have been churned out in a play session at kindergarten, regarded as one of the best paintings of all time?

Abstract Canvas Print