Abstract Canvas Prints : Art is like a game

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Art is like a game. All you actually require is a few of the basic rules to be able to start playing, and pretty soon, what was once didn’t make much sense, all of a sudden becomes a bit clearer.

And for now, for example, Conceptual Art alone, arguably the most misunderstood genres of art, may seem like trying to understand Bridge having only played Snap, but trust me, it is surprisingly simple.

In the following Blogs, I will unravel everything you need to know to get familiar with the basics of Modern Art and understand how, since 1860, art has managed to change the world we live in and the world we live in, has changed art.

Once we understand the situation that specific artists were living in when their art was conceived, then we have a chance to understand the piece itself.

All the different categories and group of art are intertwined, leading to each other like the route on a spider’s web, but they are all individual and distinct and have influences of artistic, political, social and technological aspects that make them somewhat unique.

All the different elements of the end product have been put together by the individual artist and it’s what has influenced them and drawn them to produce the artwork, that I will be alluding to here.

So enjoy yourself as I endeavour to enlighten you, and help you enjoy the full menu of the world of Modern Art.


Abstract Canvas Prints : Featured Artist