Abstract Canvas Prints : But IS it art?

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A photo was taken before the urinal mysteriously went missing, a this was important for two reasons. Firstly, it being documented meant that it had been some sort of approval as a work of art and secondly it created evidence of it’s actual existence.

At present there are 15 copies of Fountain around the world, endorsed by Duchamp himself. Gallery-goers flock to see the displays, staring intently and taking it so seriously, actually the ‘art’ is in the idea not the object!!

It’s revered, which is not it’s original intention, it was a provocative prank, but now Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain has become the single most influential artwork created in the 20th Century, the idea it embodied directly influenced several major art movements, such as Dada, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Conceptualism.

Marcel Duchamp is without doubt the most referenced artists among today’s Contemporary Artist.

But IS it art? Or has he made fools out us all with his Ready-made Scultpture?


Abstract Canvas Prints : Featured Artist