Abstract Canvas Prints : An Artist’s Idea

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Had Duchamp made fools of us all? As we scratch our chins and appreciate the latest exhibition of Conceptual Contemporary Art.

Has he made Mutts out of the legions of chauffeur driven collectors, the gullible moneybags, who have let avarice blind them into becoming proud owners of roomfuls of tat.

And had his challenge to curators to be progressive and open-minded, had the opposite effect, by proposing that an idea is more important than the medium, thus privileging philosophy over technique, has he constipated the Art Colleges with dogma, and made them fearful and dismissive of craft.

Or is he a genius, who emancipated art from the darkness of its mediaeval bunker, as Galileo have done for scientific discovery 300 years earlier, enabling it to flourish and unleash a far-reaching intellectual revolution.

My view is the latter. Duchamp redefined what art was and could be. Sure, it still included painting and sculpture, but they were simply two media among countless others for communicating an artist idea.