Abstract Canvas Prints : Slept-in Bed?!

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Not acceptable to say that it’s a sham, it’s just largely misunderstood…..Either way, personally I don’t think it’s phony.

Modern Art (roughly 1860 to 1970) and Contemporary Art (1970 onwards…largely considered to be by artists that are still alive) is not a long running joke that’s trying to fool us.

Sure there is plenty of artwork that will be disregarded, but by the same token, some work produced recently will become masterpieces.

Actually, the incredible works of art that is created today and was created over the last 100 years are some of mans best achievements in modern times.

The genius of the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, Kahlo and Cezanne can surely not be denied, we can surely all agree that these guys can paint.

So, one place to start when it comes to trying to enjoy and appreciate Modern and Contemporary Art, is not to decide whether you like it or not and if you think it’s ‘good’ or otherwise, but to understand how it grew from the Classicism of Leonardo to today’s Floating Sheep or a Slept-in Bed!?!?



Abstract Canvas Prints