Abstract Canvas Prints : Why the change?

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The ‘pretend’ queue could have been considered comedy, a la Candid Camera, however there was not a mention of it in the press, actually on the contrary, it even got some positive press in the more up-market arty publications.

So, 30 years earlier the pile of bricks was slated and now it was acceptable to call a mock queue, art.

What had happened in the previous years, how and why have our thoughts about art changed?

Why has Modern and Contemporary Art gone from being bad taste or a joke, to being respected, collected and enjoyed around the globe?

Cash has a lot to do with the answer, a massive amount of our hard earned Dollar has entered the art world in the last 50 years, art has been the clever investment choice for the new rich.

Banks have closed, stocks have plummeted but the value of top art has steadily risen, and the market place has increased too.

The best art auctions used to estimate bidders from 3 or 4 different countries, now that figure is nearer 40 countries, therefore supply far out weighs demand, pushing the value up and up.

Abstract Canvas Prints : Featured Artist