Abstract Canvas Prints : Edgar Degas

Monet and Manet were not alone among modern French artists in painting under the influence of Japanese woodcut prints. All the Impressionists had developed a taste for their stylized, comic-book simplicity. None more so than Edgar Degas, whose paintings owe much to the images produced by the Ukiyo-e artists. He was particularly admiring of Hiroshige, […]

Abstract Canvas Prints : Ukiyo-e

The influences on Monet were many: the Barbizon landscape painters, Manet, Constable, Turner and Whistler, to name a few. But, surprisingly perhaps, another source of inspiration came from the colourful, two-dimensional Japanese Ukiyo-e (meaning pictures of a floating world) woodblock prints. They started to appear in Europe in the mid-1850s after Japan had been encouraged […]

Abstract Canvas Prints : A Movie

His painting technique was equally modern. Fine details are sacrificed in exchange for pictorial unification: Monet’s aim was to produce a harmonious work of art, where forms and light and atmosphere blend into one resolved entity. A suffused glow washes over the picture like a net curtain, eliminating visual clarity. The pier and workmen in […]

Abstract Canvas Prints : London

Monet discovered in addition to finding some inspiring landscape artists in London that the city had other delights on offer, such as … smog. For a man interested in diffused light, London’s thick, unhealthy, winter fog – made up of a chilly mist mixed with the coal smoke billowing out of the city’s forest of […]

Abstract Canvas Prints : Constable

Hanging in London’s National Gallery in 1871 during Monet’s time in London was Turner’s Rain, Steam and Speed (1844) (see Plate 3), a painting that makes the Frenchman’s unconventional style look rather conservative. Like the Impressionists, Turner was interested in modern life and painted the sort of contemporary scene that would become their trademark: a […]