ABSTRACTION (Acrylic Print)




Artist : Jolabis

Painting is where I dive … into the world of colors and shapes to tame them. At each session, like a meditation, I push reality away to enter an ethereal place where there are no borders or censorship. No constraints, only the accumulation of ideas, images, readings or visits to museums that have registered over the years in my subconscious. Such in a dream where everything can cross, juxtapose or overlap. Nothing rational in the moment of production. Inspiration: a word, an image, a smell, a music, an emotion, a memory, a news item or a color calls out to me. Anything can become a trigger. Painting is a meeting with oneself. In automation, painting rhymes with adventure. I continually reinvent my style, free and labile, in the moving direction. The subjects? Surprising sometimes, masks, feathers, angels, horses, birds, sailboats but above all faces … a consistency. I associate or dissociate. There is a duel between the charge of colors and the form. I juggle with too much or not enough, hot and cold, light and dark but I allow myself to mix genres, the figurative or the abstract sometimes steals the show. Above all, I explore the possibilities that creativity offers me. Painting, a quest or a sweet madness ….. whatever everything becomes my pretty. The most important thing is to offer the viewer an emotion, the art must echo …. The best compliment is that one of my paintings gives a thrill. Thanks in advance for appreciating.

For our Acrylic Abstract Prints, we use Premium polished, best-in-class, 99.9% optically pure acrylic and the latest Flatbed printing craftsmanship.

We also use 3/16″ thickness which provides a greater optical depth.

The combination of super-vivid printing and professional-quality materials means the brilliant, luminous colors and fascinating depth on our Acrylic Print, creates a truly magical effect.

With a floating frame on the back and hanging wire, we print to the edge for the best museum and gallery specification product.

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12 x 16 inches (31 x 41 cm), 16 x 22 inches (41 x 56 cm), 20 x 27 inches (51 x 69 cm), 24 x 33 inches (62 x 85 cm), 30 x 41 inches (77 x 105 cm), 36 x 49 inches (92 x 126 cm)