Artist : Lexa Harpell

Note from Curator : Lexa writes : A staggering 24,000 species of Australian native plants have been identified with around 800 being native Gum trees (eucalypts). Australia’s uniqueness comes its geography to the rest of the world. Originating some 50million years ago after the separation of Gondwana. Adapting to fire from their seeds as the land became dry and arid in most areas. Some common types of bark include: Stringybark – large ‘spongy strings’ of bark peel off the trunk. Ironbark – impregnated with Kino (sap) produces rich deep red to black colours. Rough and deeply furrowed. Box – Short box like fibres of bark. Tessellated – distinctive flakes that can be broken off. Ribbon – peels off in long, thin pieces. Scribbly gum – zig zag tracks are the tunnels of the larve from the scribbly gum moth. Types of gum trees include: Rainbow – Ghost – Scribbly – Blue – the long list goes on. Enjoy the uniqueness of these barks nature has to offer and have a close up look at the beauty of bark in your part of the world.

Quote : “The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ”
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth from Above

On all the Abstract Photography Prints, the canvas we use is the same as art galleries require, it’s exactly the same quality that’s used in museums to retain the shades and colors, and keep an amazing high quality appearance for upwards of 200 years.

The printing technique is Giclee, a high quality inkjet procedure using pigment ink on a 410g/m2 premium fine art matte canvas producing an astonishingly sharp print.

The frame is of 1.5” thick premium grade lightweight wood.

Wired and ready to hang with felt pad to protect the wall behind……a superb product carefully handcrafted by our experienced art professionals.

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12 x 16 inches (31 x 41 cm), 16 x 21 inches (41 x 54 cm), 20 x 27 inches (51 x 69 cm), 24 x 32 inches (62 x 82 cm), 30 x 40 inches (77 x 103 cm), 36 x 48 inches (92 x 123 cm), 42 x 56 inches (108 x 144 cm), 48 x 64 inches (123 x 164 cm)