SOPHIA TROIS (Acrylic Print)




Artist : Sophia Paleotheodoros

Beautifully stunning and unique artwork that adds dimension to any environment is what defines Sophia Paleotheodoros. Style, color and artistic creativity burst forth in every piece adorned with the Sophia Paleotheodoros signature. Born in Montréal of Greek heritage, Sophia kindled a sense of independence in her early years, and against the wishes of her proud mother, answered her calling to creativity. By the age of 17 she had already developed keen artistic interests, pursuing studies in Photography, Fine Arts, Creative Arts and Paintings on Canvas.

To further enhance her already acute senses, she took a sojourn to Greece in 1992, where for 3 years she meandered between the mainland and the Greek isles. Thus began the production and marketing, though initially on a small scale, of her memorable images.

Only a short time after her return to Montréal, while never losing sight of her first love, she inaugurated a successful “faux fini” company, Sophia Décor, which specialized in textured wall finishes, wall applications and murals. This undertaking would span a 14-year period before she would fully return to paintings on canvas.

Her inspiration lies in such artists as Pierre-Paul Rubins for his dark, deep colours and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s wild burlesque offerings.

For our Acrylic Abstract Prints, we use Premium polished, best-in-class, 99.9% optically pure acrylic and the latest Flatbed printing craftsmanship.

We also use 3/16″ thickness which provides a greater optical depth.

The combination of super-vivid printing and professional-quality materials means the brilliant, luminous colors and fascinating depth on our Acrylic Print, creates a truly magical effect.

With a floating frame on the back and hanging wire, we print to the edge for the best museum and gallery specification product.

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55 x 42 inches (141 x 108 cm), 60 x 46 inches (154 x 118 cm), 24 x 18 inches (62 x 46 cm), 36 x 27 inches (92 x 69 cm), 42 x 32 inches (108 x 82 cm), 30 x 23 inches (77 x 59 cm), 12 x 9 inches (31 x 23 cm), 16 x 12 inches (41 x 31 cm), 20 x 15 inches (51 x 38 cm), 48 x 37 inches (123 x 95 cm)