Artist :

I am a veterinarian and Mexican Painter. I’m independent artist, my name is Patricia de Caso. I was born in Mexico City. Now I’m living in Ensenada, México with my husband and my lovely cats named Bombón y Chocolate. As a child, I began to paint murals with scenes from Walt Disney movies on the walls of my house, with my parents’ anger about ruining the walls. I have a strong passion for preserving and protecting wildlife and nature and I trying to convey it in her art. My work is mainly inspired by the beauty of the life, all my paintings, illustrations and designs are the love and respect I feels for life. My artwork can be identified by its bright and vivid colors. I love to use bright vivid colors because I find them so beautiful. I feel that colorful colors bring out positive and uplifting thoughts. I take inspiration from Mexican colors, landscapes, nature and animals and this is often reflected in my artwork, I use mediums such as oil, acrylic paints, soft pastels and watercolors to create my pieces. Thank you for let me sharing my work with you!

Note from Curator : Full of talking points, this artwork is worth standing in front of for hours.

Quote : “I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.”
― Frida Kahlo

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12 x 10 inches (31 x 26 cm), 16 x 14 inches (41 x 36 cm), 20 x 17 inches (51 x 44 cm), 24 x 21 inches (62 x 54 cm), 30 x 26 inches (77 x 67 cm), 36 x 31 inches (92 x 79 cm), 42 x 37 inches (108 x 95 cm), 48 x 42 inches (123 x 108 cm), 55 x 48 inches (141 x 123 cm), 60 x 52 inches (154 x 133 cm)