Artist : Jean-Francois Dupuis

Memory does not film, memory photographs. Jean-François Dupuis works mainly as a photographer and illustrator in the publishing industry. Photographic illustrations allow him to earn a living, but like the researcher seeking knowledge for his own pleasure, he explores without the techniques that photography offers. He synthesizes his images through experimentation, and with the spirit of an adventurer. Approach of the exhibition Series Photographs Polaroids, Painting, Fractal art, Computer graphics. My artistic approach is part of an aesthetic research as well as a desire to express the dream about my inner muses. My work on the metamorphosis between polaroid and fractal art illustrates the disintegration of the boundaries between the physical body, the finite and determined carnal envelope, and the infinite meanders of the mind between consciousness and dream.

On all the Abstract Canvas Prints, the canvas we use is the same as art galleries require, it’s exactly the same quality that’s used in museums to retain the shades and colors, and keep an amazing high quality appearance for upwards of 200 years.

The printing technique is Giclee, a high quality inkjet procedure using pigment ink on a 410g/m2 premium fine art matte canvas producing an astonishingly sharp print.

The frame is of 1.5” thick premium grade lightweight wood.

Wired and ready to hang with felt pad to protect the wall behind……a superb product carefully handcrafted by our experienced art professionals.

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12 x 11 inches (31 x 28 cm), 16 x 15 inches (41 x 38 cm), 20 x 19 inches (51 x 49 cm), 24 x 23 inches (62 x 59 cm), 30 x 29 inches (77 x 74 cm), 36 x 34 inches (92 x 87 cm), 42 x 40 inches (108 x 103 cm), 48 x 46 inches (123 x 118 cm), 55 x 52 inches (141 x 133 cm)